24ft wide Straight Wall Profile



24 ft wide Straight Wall Profile

Our popular 24×100 straight wall greenhouse is used by many seasonal farmers in the Trinity County and Humboldt area. This greenhouse is equipped with 1.58OD 14-gauge metal hoops (including a dep collar). Spacing is set at 5ft on center with (3) runs of 1.38OD 16-gauge purlins. All purlins are attached with premium aluminum cross connectors. End wall kit consists of 1.58OD 14-gauge metal with appropriate hardware for framing in end wall.

We use 8ML String reinforced 3-ply clear poly on all our kits. This poly has a light transmission of 85% and a 4-year rating. Black and White Poly for Light Deprivation is also 8ML String Reinforced to hold up against Mother Nature’s unexpected weather.

2” Roll Bar is used for Roll-to-Peak light deprivation. An HD insert is used throughout the full length of the tube to add weight for a tighter, more secure roll up/down. 2” Wind Strapping and ratchets are also included along with wind control for side rollups.

Trinity Frame Only – $7,382.10 (frame includes hoop, purlins, and purlin clamps only).
Trinity Package Price – $20,317.97. Also included:

  • 1-36” Exhaust Fan.
  • Exhaust Fan Thermostat.
  • 3 ea. 36” Light Traps.
  • 1 ea. Automated Light Dep Controller.
  • 2 ea. 100nM Motors.
  • 4 ea. 20” HAF interior fans.
  • 100ft of Double Channel for attaching blackout to ridge.
  • 30 Sticks of 12ft Channel for side roll ups and end walls.
  • HD clamps for easy attaching hoops to baseboard (baseboard not included).
  • Light Deprivation Telescoping Arms.
  • Tek Screws and full detailed instructions.

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Once you have selected your addons, you will see an option to pay in full or pay a 15% deposit. This deposit secures your greenhouse order. Please be aware that we need at least 50% of the total of your order to begin manufacturing. Therefore, you will need to contact T3 Greenhouse Supply to make arrangements to pay the remainder of your deposit so we can get started.



Pay a 15% deposit per item
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Trinity Frame Only 13'1" peak height. 6 ft side wall, Trinity Package