Our Know-how

Our Know-how

Our cutting-edge computer-controlled machinery is operated by a proficient team that works collaboratively to create customized greenhouses that meet your specific requirements. Following this, our engineering team transforms that conceptualization into a tangible reality.

Whether you are overseeing indoor or outdoor farms, our industry knowledge and efficient production processes place us at the forefront of the competition.

Photos from the T3 Fabrication Shop

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Videos Showing Our Know-how

T3 greenhouse supply - image of T3 branded racks


T3 is dedicated to assisting farmers in optimizing their harvests. This is achieved through the provision of essential tools that enhance production value while reducing overhead costs.

T3 Greenhouse interior


In our role as farmers, we strive to deliver top-notch greenhouse systems, light deprivation systems, and rolling benches to our customers. Our locally-manufactured products are designed for both indoor and outdoor farms, and we provide them at competitive rates.

T3 Greenhouse Supply


Our commitment to hard work and favorable outcomes drives us to consistently treat our customers with respect, loyalty, and professionalism. These principles reflect the core values of the T3 family, and we endeavor to embody them every day.